8 Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet

Carpets add value to the living room, kitchens, office spaces, and even bathrooms. They have the ability to instantly add texture to any room and even cancel the noise of the room to make it more comfortable. Choosing a carpet for your home that will last you from your home open until your End of Lease clean is not easy, but you can find the right carpet for every room with the right tips.

Know what you want

Consider your living environment to know your requirements for a carpet. It includes the people in your family, pets, and the type of lifestyle you are living in. If you want to add more luxury to your living space, choose the plush carpets to make your rooms fancier. Likewise, if you have small kids, you should go for the hard-wearing carpets to instantly clean up any mess.

Choosing the plush piles

Plush piles are soft and comforting, but they can be useless in an office space. Having plush piles at home is a great option for luxury and cozy feeling, but they can show footprints and can be more difficult to maintain on a daily basis.

Choosing the loop piles

Loop piles are flatter and less furry. They give a more formal look to your space and have a ribbed pattern that you can feel when you are barefoot. Their casual look is best for offices and for a cleaner and minimalistic living space.

Try different combinations

You can choose to mix up the plush and loop piles based on where you are placing them at home. While the plush piles may seem fit for your bedroom, you may want to choose the loop piles for the bathroom as they can dry out quickly.

Choosing the colors

If you choose darker colors, your room will have a cozy contrast. On the other hand, light colors can make your room seem bigger. You can also find carpets that combine both the color options into one surface to create a neutral blend. Darker colors are also more forgiving to stains, while lighter colors will need more cleaning.

Plan the fade

The carpets may look bright in the beginning, but their shine and colors will fade away with time. If you are considering to buy a carpet for a long time, consider buying a darker share that will take longer to fade.

Choosing the Right Carpet

Choosing the fiber type

There are multiple fiber options available to you while choosing a carpet. You can choose from 100% pure wool carpets to wool-nylon mix and other synthetic fibers. Wool carpets care not much expensive, but they can offer warmth in winter and cool in summer. Synthetic fiber can be easy to clean and is generally face resistant, which makes it last longer.

Weight of the carpet

If you have got young kids or pets who will play on the carpet, make sure that they have enough weight to stay static in one place. When the carpet is heavier, it means that it has more yard, which will make it last longer.