Top 5 Types of Carpet for Your Home

When you plan to decorate your home interiors you need to find the right carpets for your floor that match the contrast and theme of the room. Ever since hardwood came out in the market, it has grown in popularity, and the carpets are slowly losing their sales due to it. However, it does not stop carpets from being luxurious and comfortable for homes and is still widely used in homes. A variety of carpets are available for common rooms, stairs, offices, play areas, and even basements. Every type of carpet is made in a unique way to specify its purpose. The type of carpet depends on the fiber used for making it and the amount of work done on it. Here are the common carpet types that you can get for your home.

Carpets are made by looping yarn style material back and forth to create a pile over a sheet. There are generally two types of methods used for making the pile – loop pile and cut pile.

Berber Loop

Berber Loop

Loop pile uses Berber, where fibers are bent into a series of loops that remain strong for a long time and are also easy to clean. However, the carpet does not have much cushioning on it compared to other carpets. The loops are short in length, which makes it a smoother carpet, making it perfect for the living room and office floors.

Level loop

The level loop is similar to the Berber loop as it uses short loops, which are also of the same length. These carpets are much stiffer that can deal with large amounts of traffic. Since the loops are made at a measured level, you can find symmetry in the design with proper organization of the loops. It makes the carpet durable even in rough places like a workspace.

Multi-level Loop

Multi-level Loop

A multi-level loop has a much relaxed and flexible design due to the varying heights of the loops. The loops can be arranged as per the choice of the carpet maker based on the type of texture and design they want to provide to the carpet. It creates a design where the textures can gradually change over time and may not look as good as a patterned carpet.


Saxony carpets are made by cutting the fiber ends as evenly as possible. The fibers are packed together very tightly, which creates a smooth texture when the fiber is trimmed evenly. Saxony carpets are also called plush carpet due to the softness and luxuriousness they offer. But the individual fibers can tear off quickly if you do not take good care of it.


The texture style is a cut pile option where the yarn is twisted and cut. The carpet remains soft as the yarn becomes furry after trimming. The twisted surface also creates a casual appearance that can make your room cozy and comfortable. The twists are tight enough to resist stains, making them easy to clean as well.