Benefits and Drawbacks of Nylon Carpets

The stain-resistant nylon carpets are becoming a popular choice for people who still prefer carpets for their home over alternatives like hardwood and luxury vinyl. Nylon carpets result from years of research in creating a stain-resistant material that can work perfectly for carpets. It has become the most demanded fiber in the industry for many reasons. When you are choosing nylon carpets for your home, you must know the benefits as well as drawbacks of buying nylon carpets to make the right choice. Here are the nylon carpets benefits and some drawbacks you should know.

Benefits of nylon carpets


Since nylon is a polymer, it cannot decompose easily, which makes it a durable product. It is the most durable fiber available in the industry today. The nylon carpets are comparatively much durable than the other fiber carpets when we consider factors like spills, stains, molds, and moisture. It can also withstand physical damage longer than other fabric due to its flexibility. You can stretch it out, and good quality nylon can come back to its original shape.

Nylon Carpets


Nylon carpets are also branded as stain-resistant carpets. However, they are not 100% stain resistant. They have made the job of removing stains easier for customers. The stain-resistant nylon carpets rank on the top for resisting maximum types of stains. It is safe for homes with young children and pets who cause the risk of spilling food or causing urine stains. This also saves the cost of cleaning equipment that you require to clean your carpet and also lets you use the same carpet for years while keeping it clean.


Nylon can be more versatile than other fibers as it can provide a variety of color options to the customers. Nylon carpets are made in both cut pile and loop pile, making the task of choosing easy for customers. They are effective in the home as well as workspaces as they are easy to maintain and does not require any maintenance attention.

Drawbacks of nylon carpets

Higher costs

While the cost of nylon carpets is higher than the regular ones, it is not something an average person cannot afford for their new home. However, it is true that when compared to other fabrics, nylon fabric is costlier in the market today.

Static electricity

Static electricity

Nylon is a polymer that can generate static electricity. Imagine having it around nylon carpet around your house to constantly get static shocks. If you are not fond of getting shocked, nylon carpets are not for you. However, the static shocks are mild and cannot cause any damage to you other than giving your reflexes a sudden jerk.

Cannot breathe

Nylon fiber cannot breathe like wool fiber. It means that nylon cannot regulate the indoor air like wool, which will always keep the nylon carpets cold unless you apply heat to them. Woolen carpets have an advantage here in providing warmth during the winter season. You can also find the nylon carpets a bit humid during summer, but it does not cause any damage.