All you Need to Know About Stain-Resistant Carpets

Carpets can sometimes get hard to maintain. It is exciting to vacuum your carpet regularly to keep it clean and smooth when it is new, but we forget to maintain it with time. It results in the wearing and fading of the carpet, which reduces its charm and the room’s value. The stain-resistant carpets are meant just for the people who are tired of cleaning their carpets every day and need to relax a little.

A stain-resistant carpet is still a product getting researched as the manufacturers have not come up with a way to create a completely stain-resistant carpet. However, they have advanced enough to give us some satisfying options that make it easy for us to maintain our carpets. Now, you can keep a carpet in a brand new condition for way longer with just vacuuming the dust. Although not guaranteed for all stains, the stain-resistant carpets are easy to clean and maintain to keep them as brand new. When you purchase a stain-resistant carpet, you are saving time and money on maintaining or purchasing a new carpet every few years.

The stain-resistant technology

The stain-resistant technology

What makes the new stain-resistant technology work on the carpets? The carpeting producing used today are made of nylon. It is a synthetic “polymer” that provides a smooth texture and has waterproof quality. It can withstand any damage from insects and molds, which makes it durable and versatile. Many carpet manufacturers today are using nylon as their fiber for the carpet, which makes these carpets waterproof and stain-proof. Some manufactures are also using an extra chemical coating on the carpet to make them protective of the mud, pet urine, food, and prevent any decaying from damaging the fiber.

Apart from nylon, the manufacturers are also using different fabrics and materials to provide stain-resistance to homes. Many home improvement services are also suggesting non-carpet options like luxury vinyl to replace the carpets completely.

Benefits of stain-resistant carpets

The stain-resistant nylon carpets are good with elasticity and strength. They can be bent, crushed, and stretched to about 33% of their original size. A good quality nylon carpet will get back to its original shape. Since they are made synthetically, they are resistant to environmental damage. However, the molds and food spills can decompose and stink, so you need to vacuum the carpet regularly. You can also find special dyes and sprays that can provide extra protection to the carpets from the sun.

Are stain-resistant carpets costly

Are stain-resistant carpets costly?

You cannot estimate how much the carpet for your entire house will cost without measuring the area. However, you should know that stain-resistant carpets are pretty much as affordable as the normal carpets. The price can vary based on the brand names, but nylon is not costly to produce, which also makes the carpets easy to purchase.