Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Carpet Like a Professional

Carpets can instantly add the shine and value to your living space, but if you are not careful while maintaining it, it will fade away quickly. People either choose to spend on maintaining their carpets and take the hard way, or switch to alternatives like a hardwood floor and make it easy for them. However, the comfort and warmth of carpets are unmatched, and a little sacrifice of time and money on their maintenance should be okay for any carpet lover. Companies like Sparkle and Shine are a great way of keeping your home clean and your carpets brand new, but if you want to do it yourself and keep them looking like new for a long time, here are seven things you can do.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming is a quick way to keep your carpet clean. It helps you to remove the dirt and dust from the fibers that settle naturally. Vacuum both vertically and horizontally to have better cleaning of the tough to remove particles. Do not rush over the carpet as some of the heavy particles can fall back on the carpet if you do it too fast. Take your time to receive a perfectly clean surface.

Add an extra layer

If you have an old carpet that is wearing off with time, you can cover the damaged spots with decorative rugs. Rugs can provide a cover for the wear on your carpet while also adding contrast to the room. It gives a unique styling to your place until you plan on replacing the carpet completely.

Quick clean the spills

The longer you wait for any spills to settle down on the carpet, the harder it will become to remove them from the fibers. The quickest way is to pour or spray a solution of vinegar and warm water on the stain and use a clean white cloth to gently blot the stain until it is cleaned. Do not try rubbing it around as it will only spread around more and damage more of your carpet.

Stretch out

Keep your carpets outside on a sunny day to stretch it out and let it dry out. A humid environment can damage your carpet faster. It can make the fiber lose, and it will start wearing off. Stretching the carpet out and putting it under the sun will expand it back to normal and make it as warm and dry as new.

Use stain-resistant products

There may stain repellant products available today that can be applied on your carpet to prevent any spills and stains from damaging the carpet. There are spray products available in the market that can prevent dirt from getting deep inside the carpet. They can also prevent the carpet from fading its color when it is kept under sunlight. These products are not 100% effective, but they can provide better maintenance for your carpets. You can also find some stain-resistant carpets today, which are made to repel any kind of spills and stains automatically.