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Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Carpet Like a Professional


Carpets can instantly add the shine and value to your living space, but if you are not careful while maintaining it, it will fade away quickly. People either choose to spend on maintaining their carpets and take the hard way, or switch to alternatives like a hardwood floor and make it easy for them. However, the comfort and warmth of carpets are unmatched, and a little sacrifice of time and money on their maintenance should be okay for any carpet lover. Companies like Sparkle and Shine are a great way of keeping your home clean and your carpets brand new, but if you want to do it yourself and keep them looking like new for a long time, here are seven things you can do.

Carpet Cleaning Secrets from the Pros


Carpets can be hard to maintain even for experienced house cleaning Melbourne professionals.  Even though they add luxury and comfort to the living and working spaces, they need constant cleaning, or else they fade away. The difficulty in maintaining carpets is making people switch to other alternatives like laminate, bamboo, stone, cork, etc. However, a major number of people still prefer the coziness and warmth of the carpets. These carpet cleaning tips are for those who want a quick solution for the spills and splashes that happen eventually and can leave a mess on your carpets.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet

Right Carpet

Carpets add value to the living room, kitchens, office spaces, and even bathrooms. They have the ability to instantly add texture to any room and even cancel the noise of the room to make it more comfortable. Choosing a carpet for your home that will last you from your home open until your End of Lease clean is not easy, but you can find the right carpet for every room with the right tips.

Know what you want

Consider your living environment to know your requirements for a carpet. It includes the people in your family, pets, and the type of lifestyle you are living in. If you want to add more luxury to your living space, choose the plush carpets to make your rooms fancier. Likewise, if you have small kids, you should go for the hard-wearing carpets to instantly clean up any mess.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Nylon Carpets


The stain-resistant nylon carpets are becoming a popular choice for people who still prefer carpets for their home over alternatives like hardwood and luxury vinyl. Nylon carpets result from years of research in creating a stain-resistant material that can work perfectly for carpets. It has become the most demanded fiber in the industry for many reasons. When you are choosing nylon carpets for your home, you must know the benefits as well as drawbacks of buying nylon carpets to make the right choice. Here are the nylon carpets benefits and some drawbacks you should know.

Benefits of nylon carpets


Since nylon is a polymer, it cannot decompose easily, which makes it a durable product. It is the most durable fiber available in the industry today. The nylon carpets are comparatively much durable than the other fiber carpets when we consider factors like spills, stains, molds, and moisture. It can also withstand physical damage longer than other fabric due to its flexibility. You can stretch it out, and good quality nylon can come back to its original shape.

All you Need to Know About Stain-Resistant Carpets

Resistant Carpets

Carpets can sometimes get hard to maintain. It is exciting to vacuum your carpet regularly to keep it clean and smooth when it is new, but we forget to maintain it with time. It results in the wearing and fading of the carpet, which reduces its charm and the room’s value. The stain-resistant carpets are meant just for the people who are tired of cleaning their carpets every day and need to relax a little.

A stain-resistant carpet is still a product getting researched as the manufacturers have not come up with a way to create a completely stain-resistant carpet. However, they have advanced enough to give us some satisfying options that make it easy for us to maintain our carpets. Now, you can keep a carpet in a brand new condition for way longer with just vacuuming the dust. Although not guaranteed for all stains, the stain-resistant carpets are easy to clean and maintain to keep them as brand new. When you purchase a stain-resistant carpet, you are saving time and money on maintaining or purchasing a new carpet every few years.

Top 5 Types of Carpet for Your Home


When you plan to decorate your home interiors you need to find the right carpets for your floor that match the contrast and theme of the room. Ever since hardwood came out in the market, it has grown in popularity, and the carpets are slowly losing their sales due to it. However, it does not stop carpets from being luxurious and comfortable for homes and is still widely used in homes. A variety of carpets are available for common rooms, stairs, offices, play areas, and even basements. Every type of carpet is made in a unique way to specify its purpose. The type of carpet depends on the fiber used for making it and the amount of work done on it. Here are the common carpet types that you can get for your home.

Carpets are made by looping yarn style material back and forth to create a pile over a sheet. There are generally two types of methods used for making the pile – loop pile and cut pile.

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