New support for those affected by road trauma

Posted on: 19th November 2013
New support for those affected by road trauma

Long awaited support for families affected by road trauma has finally become a reality with the opening of Road Trauma Support WA (RTSWA) under the management of Injury Control Council of WA (ICCWA).

RTSWA offers information, peer support and specialised bereavement counselling for all people affected by and living with the consequences of a road crash.

The statewide, free service was officially opened by the Hon. John Day, Acting Minister for Road Safety, on Sunday 17 November, also World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

“Sunday 17 November is a fitting occasion to open the first specialised service of its kind in Western Australia,” said Minister Day.

The services will be widely available –for those involved and/or injured, the bereaved, their families, carers and friends, those who may have caused a trauma, witnesses, first responders and emergency service personnel.

ICCWA CEO, Deborah Costello, said: “Road Trauma Support WA will help to reduce the mental and social distress associated with road trauma. This service is critical to building a healthy and supportive community.”

Western Australia averages nearly 200 road fatalities each year. In addition, there are 2800 serious injuries occurring from road crashes and over one-quarter (28%) of these sustain life-threatening injuries.

Road Trauma Support WA manager, Jenny Duggan, added: “the potential for mental and social distress following a major road crash is substantial. Approximately 13 people are significantly distressed by one major crash".

"We all have a responsibility to acknowledge the consequence of road trauma and to support people in our community,” said Ms Costello.

For information and support following a road crash, RTSWA can be contacted on t: 9420 7262 or toll-free on 1300 004 814, email: or visit

Road Trauma Support WA

Deborah Costello -CEO, ICCWA, Alan and Glenda Maloney -bereaved parents; Hon. John Day -Acting Minister for Police and Road Safety, and Jenny Duggan -Road Trauma Support Manager. 

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