Towards an injury-free community.



To support all West Australians - adults and children alike - to live a life uninterrupted by injury.


Key Objectives

  • To promote community safety at the local, state, national and international level.
  • To undertake representation, advocacy, publicity and promotion of safe practices.
  • To highlight the physical, mental, social, economic and other aspects of injuries.
  • To encourage, promote and engage in research into the causes, prevention and treatment of injuries, both unintentional and intentional.
  • To build the capacity of health professionals and community members in addressing community safety and injury prevention issues.
  • To cooperate with other organisations having similar objectives.


Our Business

ICCWA works in partnership with individuals and organisations involved in injury prevention and community safety at the local, state, national and international levels.

ICCWA aims to facilitate liaison between community-based agencies, to work closely with government departments, to improve communication between these sectors and to support research in the area of injury prevention.

ICCWA targets all level of government, the injury prevention sector, academics and researchers, the media, the general public, at risk groups, students and other stakeholders.

Our Strengths

Our ability to work effectively as the peak body for injury prevention in Western Australia comes not only from the expertise of our staff but also from our Board and Members.  Corporate and individual members of ICCWA have a diverse range of expertise and regularly collaborate with ICCWA staff to deliver a high quality injury prevention service.

Our energetic staff have considerable health promotion and project management experience in the public health sector and are respected for their ability to successfully manage projects. Staff are also continually working to improve networks and strengthen partnerships and professional relationships with the broad range of organisations and individuals working to reduce injury and promote safety in Western Australia.

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