The Mooditj Marmun Book

The Mooditj Marmun Book is a directory of services available to Aboriginal men across a broad range of health and wellbeing areas including crisis services, relationships, fathering, eating right, being active, weight control, alcohol and drug use, preventable diseases, suicide prevention, legal and financial support, etc. It encourages cultural pride, men actively taking control over their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, and support for each other. 

5,000 hard copies funded by the WA Department of Health are currently being distributed throughout Perth and regional south-west WA [Carnarvon to Esperance].

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The Mooditj Marmun Book are produced by:


Healing Through The Map Project

The Healing Through the Map Project focused on the delivery of the Map of Loss workshops to Aboriginal people within their communities, and to Aboriginal Health Workers and other Health Professionals who work within Aboriginal communities.
The Project was delivered in the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia.


The Map of Loss was developed in 1999 by Western Australian psychologist Roslyn Snyder, and is delivered by trained facilitiors through Wisdom In Your Life.
It is a simple, pratical visual tool that develops coping skills, builds resilience, helps increase self-awareness and promotes self-care in those who apply it.
It has been the subject of four independent evaluations and a doctoral thesis, and has been used for over a decade.
The Map of Loss workshops focus on the total person - on body, mind, spirit and culture, which is why the Map is assumed to be particularly effective in Aboriginal communities.
Visit Wisdom in Your Life  for more information.
Funded through the Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing via the National Suicide Prevention Program.

The Map Workshop

The Map was developed in 1999 by Roslyn Snyder, published in Journey to the Centre of Your Life – The Map.  While appearing simple and easy to understand, the map is a powerful tool, which has been used in self-care, clinical practice and community development. 

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